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  • 30 Mar 2014
    Wake up people. The idiots rules.The good days have arrived, where we take on the fools and idiots to task. I once had a friend, who sat on a computer for 3 days in a row, it was a brand new machine and the year was 1997. His pentium 1 had arrived, new and connected to the Internet. I asked him, what he was doing while on his 3 days expedition? And he said I am downloading the Internet.  :)The idiot is present in all of us and one time and another, we have all tried to "Download the Internet", our kids attempt the same with getting as many apps as possible unto their devices, we tried the same with images, music, pdfs and torrents.It gets interesting when our leaders are exposed as IDIOTS aka ID 10 T error.911 was a good attempt to rally up the people for war justification and expanding power of the elite.2007 market crash was great to fuel the fire and unleash mechanisms to devalue our war debt.USSR collapsed right after withdrawal in Afghanistan,Engineered by U.S.A, keep them engaged!.USA end is no different, it cannot escape from its war crimes.After Afghanistan, we again lied, for years we have engineered democracy for our own benefit, we stole resources and kept leaders of other countries in our pockets via crony capitalism, We stole resources and engineered regime change againsts all those who didn't align with our needs, we isolated them, branding them axis of evil.  Today, We U.S.A are increasingly becoming isolated. Threatening the end of our petro backed paper dollar and with that our spending binge.A Big move is required. A move which contains such an explosion, in which the world submits in silence and accepts our supremacy due to the army. We no longer require as many people on the battlefield, our technology supremacy will ensure the New World Order.The Internet Fights back... stay tuned.
    March 30, 2014 - Posted by snapbot
Spirituality 1,145 views Jan 12, 2017
The World is simply a reflection of You!.

The World is simply a reflection of You!.

All of us are seeking peace, with peace, we also would like some love and some justice to go with that, we would also like to see the betterment for all our fellow beings, a happy life for them, better opportunities, eradication of poverty and enhanced guidance for all humanity.

But is any of this true? How can the world change, when its simply a reflection of You!.

Some of us claim we do charity, so we can show god our receipts of good and the very next minute, we indulge in activities, which are completely against the very same good principles, next, we self preach and expect from others and say, Look, do like me, I am good.

One minute, we visit the religious institutions and pray for spiritual guidance and the very next minute, we head back to our old self, monkey see, monkey do.

We participate in cheating, more profit, more exploitation of another being and we call ourself street smart, a better salesman, a better accountant, a better cheat, and claim, look, I have more than you!.

When someone comes to visit us and is vulnerable, we charge him a higher interest, a higher price, we exploit the situation to our benefit, against the moral principle, of good assistance, will deliver good blessings, And, there and then, we lose ourselves to greed, looking at the situation as a great opportunity to exploit, what have we become?

Isn't all misery, because of you!. Isn't the world simply a reflection of you.

Have you ever considered, what happens, when someone is vulnerable and comes to you for assistance and you exploit him. No matter how much, you give away in charity, will never be able to fix this, in-fact your entire charity, is indeed another accounting gimmick, is it not?

When you come across someone or something, that you wished you had some of it and have none of it, don't you feel that urge to belittle that person, so that you can somehow, justify your own existence. Have you ever wondered, the real cause of your own insecurity, which comes up, each and every-time, when you want something, but which, you could ill afford, so for your own self-justification, is to be-little instead of admiration of the beautiful existence. What has become of you?

Become an observer to first observe you. 


Tags: #wake up  #ego