15:0 ISIS EXPOSED 100% AS CIA OPERATION: "The Next Bin Laden is Here" - Don't Be Fooled
7:51 Rand Paul: U.S. Is Funding ISIS Allies, 'Libya Is Basically a Jihadist Wonderland':
2:23 Where does ISIS get its money?
27:1 ISIS: Creation Of The CIA
7:46 Western countries funding ISIS: Syrian Ambassador to India
2:38 Sources of ISIS Funding - Iraq
9:18 Who funds ISIS militants in Iraq?
4:26 'US fighting alongside ISIS': Direct American role in strengthening jihadists?
5:2 Rand Paul Exposes Obama Backing ISIS
2:41 ISIS Inc.: Glossy PR, annual reports as jihadists aim to boost image, raise funding
8:55 Disturbing News: President Obama Asks Congress for $500 Million TO FUND ISIS!

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