37:24 Jim Rickards: Economic Depression & Currency Wars
27:54 [200] Jim Rickards on the currency wars and Mosler on Saudi oil price cuts
8:20 Jim Rickards: Currency Wars Simulation
1:19:31 Dr. Jim Willie: Stealth QE, Currency Wars, Dollar Demise, Gold Demand but No Supply Nov. 24, 2014
42:35 THE CURRENCY WARS Coming Collapse - Monetary System
4:13 Probable QE4 To Flip Gold In 2015: Jim Rickards (Currency Wars)
6:17 CURRENCY WAR! 40 Countries Buy Yuan & Drop U.S. Dollar!
13:53 Dollar Under Sustained Attack / Currency Wars to be Followed by World Wars
28:5 [242] John Brynjolfsson on technology, Europe and the currency wars
14:52 CURRENCY WAR Happening Right Now in Global Devaluation of ALL Currencies!
12:41 How to know When the Economy Will Collapse, Currency Wars and Trade Wars‬

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